The Dairy Of Oblivion
2023-04-27 20:53:48 (UTC)

Update, the bitch didnt come back :D

Its so fucking pitful. They literally dont care about me or my feelimgs and dont even hide it. This „relationship” influences every oart of my life, my grades my situayion with my parents and im wondering why im still there. Why i still try to make my contact with m. Better when theres literlly nothing to fight for. Why im so dumb to still have hope. My god if i never met them i would probably be happy now. I would never feel how its like to feel loved ofc but i would never have to suffer and overthink for hours. I would never feel jow its like to be stabbed in the back by the only person i trusted. I need to finally bring myself to talk to thm about ending this „relationship”. The sad part is that i still dont wanna lose them, too much good memories but im drained. Im too weak to continue this. I just dont wanna be alone again… having absolute 0 friends through childhood reslly affects your life when your a teenager. I just wanna be happy, with or without them omg is thst too much to ask for?