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2023-03-21 05:39:24 (UTC)

Maldives and after that

For our anniversary we traveled to Maldives. It was so fucking fun. Beautiful is an understatement for this place. Gorgeous beaches, lovely weather, yum food, good people, cute stray cats and every damn thing over there was so beautiful and exciting. My first international trip ever whoaaa. Celebrated birthday and our 1st wedding anniversary. Most beautiful memory I have now. We had good food, wore bikini at beach, enjoyed snorkeling, and beaches were heavenly so clean and fishes wowww. Still I would say we saw very little of it we could have see more if in Beachvilla. Well it was damn fun. Wanted to update on life.
I have moved to sis's place with all my stuff and the feeling was so relieving as I so wanted this from long. I still have 1 month to go and many things to do but i have not even started it. I have sorted my clothes but more to sort. need to make space for other stuffs too. I miss yubi so much. we will go to domb in few days. we will sort our work there and will be back here at sis place. I have to do many checkups at gaynae, ent, dentist and skin doc. I also have to windup my things at office and prepare documents and also meeting many friends.
Sister: she is frustrated as hell. I have learnt a lesson from her is that never have kids back to back. both are small and have no control over them, they are super naughty and so difficult to handle them both, it becomes so messy to control them. they dnt let her sleep or do chores. mom is there to help her but still she just cant. i really want ber to resume her job and start earning. I hope she gets it soon. Also they are facing fin issues and that bothers me a lot.

Mom: Mom is also tired helping my sister, she always complain of my sis not bucking up and just being inactive as she is tired all the time. Her knees are hurting i have taken her to doctors but she is not able to tc of her knees coz of kids. am so so so worried for my mom. she is going to bawl when ill leave. I am most worried about her. I want her to be fine so that I can take her to Canada for a while so that she can enjoy there. I hope this goes true.

Ok bye for now