Life of secrets
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2023-04-26 15:40:38 (UTC)


I think if this isn’t my month (again), I will do my upmost next month to get into shape and live like I’m not trying for a baby and just do whatever makes me happy. I said I wouldn’t try until June and this month I pretty much went back on myself. May is my last month to just chill, I guess.

No updates on the mortgage. It’s been over 2 weeks since the application was submitted. I truly thought we’d have heard something by now. I’ve had a look at rentals and it looks very expensive out there. Either way we have to move. Whether it’s buying or renting. However if this mortgage doesn’t work out, we will have to find somewhere to rent. And there doesn’t seem to be anything around what we’ve been paying the last 2 years.

Nothing else to write about… I’m tired. Church tonight. I don’t want to go. Same old. Same old.