The Diary of S
2001-10-11 03:07:55 (UTC)

Wedding planner

My sister decided to help me plan my wedding sense my
mother doesn't seem to enthused about it all. How sad. I
know I have things a little backwards but who ever said I
was perfect? She certainly isn't.
I want to start putting money in a savings account and not
let my boyfriend know about it. I want to keep money away
for our wedding. we still haven't set a date.
I have my ring. His was stolen by one of his so called
friends. His friend says he didn't do it but I know he did.
That's the kind of person he is. He stabs his friends in
the back. He also cheats on his wife. What a sad person.

I still have to get my dress and all the assesories.
Still have to shop for a ring
Find a place to have the wedding and reception
Make up a list of guests
Find out who my maid of honor will be
and most of all SET A DATE!!
Whew! That is too much to do. Maybe on Friday.

Oh me!! That is so typical! I am such a procrastinator!

What is it with me?

I need to make a new years resolution and start on it now
or I will never come to my goal.

Here it is:
Kick my butt into high gear and actually start planning my
wedding! ;)

Until Next Time,