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2023-04-25 08:50:12 (UTC)

Happy news

It’s kinda pricey to enter book contests, so for the most part, I just didn’t. She was pretty adamant about not doing them… her reasoning was that it was a popularity contest and she didn’t feel like people doing them were in a good mental place… kinda manipulative I thought.

I did enter one anyway. Turns out it’s a finalist for both story and illustration. It’s not a Caldecott caliber contest, but it’s also possible that the entrants to that contest also entered this one. I will find out in June I think what the results are. I’m a little nervous… but I didn’t think I’d even get this far, so I’m both relieved and nervous.

This also makes me think maybe I should have entered more of them… but I’m sure I couldn’t afford that.