The Real Me
2022-10-16 00:14:03 (UTC)

Hi S

Hi Stuart. I am borderline. And you're probably a cunt. I deal with things the way your mother does. We love to drink and Inflict pain upon ourselves because we feel like worthless pieces of shit. Your mother is borderline too because she's a selfish cunt, I see the way she treats you...its easy for us to see. We will also drain you off your resources. Except I will remove her. Because I need it now. We will play with your unconditional love for women like us. I know you see her In me and yet I will be the one to remove her because I need it more. She had her chance and she can't have you. I need you now. It's not my problem that her husband was shit. You are mine now and I'm your priority but if you're an abusive cunt then go straight back to her. But I dont think you are. I think you have issues...but I'd like to be the one to break through those barriers.
She's not good enough. She doesn't want to get better and she isn't a good mother because no mother puts her child through what she put you through.