Life of secrets
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2023-04-22 07:24:12 (UTC)


So Frank the hamster went through a drastic personality change this week. One day I noticed he hasn’t come out of his burrow much. Thought it was odd. He’s nocturnal, but often he will pop out to potter around, say hello and pee. That day, nothing. I had to dig him out just to make sure he was still alive. Which he was.

But that night when he got up, I noticed he was biting on the cage bars, which he’s never done before and that’s a sign of boredom or stress. And of course the little guy couldn’t tell me, so I’m there just observing this crazy behaviour where he seemed hyper and agitated and I didn’t know what to do. He even allowed me to handle him, whereas usually he’s too nervous for that. So I put him in his play pen - the last time I did this, he hissed and squeaked at me so I put him back in his cage and assumed he’s just a happy boy in his enclosure and perhaps play pens aren’t his thing. This time he was exploring, letting me stroke and handle him, and he also tried to escape the play pen…

So I ordered him some reiki. That was yesterday. I noticed on the ham cam, he didnt run on his wheel last night and the cam only picked up 2 movements throughout the whole night. So I’m wondering if he was in fact, biting on the bars again, which makes me a bit sad. I’d gone to the pet store yesterday and got him a few things that I thought might keep him occupied. Having had a look this morning, it doesn’t look like he’s touched them.

Last night we went to the cinema. Mr was moody. Pisses me off. He wanted to go gym. We didn’t have time. But do you know why we didn’t have time? Because he is so slow at everything.

If he wanted to go, he could have come home from work and got ready. But no, he was on the phone to his friend. Then he pottered about, fixing the puncture on his bike. Then he took a half hour shit. When I knocked to remind him of the time, the response I got was “I’m not going to the gym OKAY”.

Alright. I didn’t realise I married a 16 year old boy.

I woke up today with a headache and I feel like I’ve got a hangover but unless I got drunk off of too much popcorn and sprite, it’s not that.

I had a dream last night about a heap of people I’ve not seen for many years - people I grew up with. One girl in particular had stuck in my mind when I woke up. She was telling me that she owned 3 houses and she had 5 kids. I know this isn’t true in reality. But I think I woke up feeling quite disappointed with my own life. I wish I had one house and one child, at least.

We are going to my mums for lunch today. I’m quite looking forward to it. But I do wish I felt a little less foggy.