Amber's ramblings
2023-04-18 14:56:26 (UTC)

Random thoughts in my head

What is the point of a blob fish? I mean just look at it. Don't get me wrong I would have to say it's my favourite fish. And I'm glad I live on a planet where they exist. I'm just not sure why they do.

The only reason for this entry is because I'm bored. Even the voices aren't saying much. And I have a lot of random thoughts. Thought I should try a positive lighter entry because I know they've been pretty dark.

If you're traveling at the speed of light. What happens when you put the headlights on?

I was at home when I was living with my biological parents and my niece Emma came over for a sleepover. My biological father was watching the discovery channel some documentary about monkeys. He turned round to her and asked if she knew the difference between a monkey and an ape. I looked at her and told her not to answer. But she answered. So we had to sit there for about half hour while he went on about the differences were. I zoned out after about 30 seconds. My mind does that sometimes. Especially when it came to lectures from him. It's not something I can control but it happens a bit. It will just fuck off for a while. That's why I have to concentrate so hard when I'm driving. I zoned out once in the car. I was on my own and I had to change motorways. I don't know how I did that. But everything was fine. It was a journey I do all the time. And it happens mostly when I'm tired. If I'm going on long journeys I prefer to have someone with me.

Me and my niece Laura went on holiday a few years ago and one night we got chatting to the security guard. I made him coffee and he sat down with us. I thought he was normal. Until he started going on a homophobic rant. I'm bi and Laura is pan and we just looked at each other trying not to laugh. After he left we were like was he serious. It's not funny that he's homophobic it was more the situation we were in. And yes I do sometimes laugh in serious situations. It's a nervous thing.

Talking of laughing when I shouldn't. The biological family hired a minibus for a day so we could all meet up down by the coast. Some relatives were over from America and we all wanted to go and meet them. As we got back to town and pulled up outside the house my brother got out the van and dropped the keys which absolutely went down the drain. I thought it was hilarious I almost wet myself laughing. Emma joined in. My oldest sister didn't think it was funny and tried to have ago at us. I thought that was even funnier but had to try and calm down.

I had this stupid cat called Jack. And he really was dumb. And one day he came home with a Yorkshire pudding in his mouth. He was no good at catching mice. Or anything for that matter. But he came home with a Yorkshire pudding. He ate it but to this day I don't know where he got it from.

The voices are starting to play up now. And I don't want this to turn into a dark post. I'm thinking about the wrong things now so. I have to go over and get my meds soon anyway.

So I was sat outside this morning and dad came over. He handed me a big teddy bear. I love it so much. He needs a name now. I'm gonna cuddle him tonight while I'm watching TV.

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