Jello's Heart
2023-04-14 20:17:32 (UTC)

Returning to Normalcy

Been getting back into writing lately. I have this big project of mine called SoulBound, which is this whole world storyline building up to a sort of fantasy superhero story. Been working on it for years at this point, but the last year or so have prompted much more development for the story overall. Been really pushed by J, who has pulled few punches on helping me make it better.

Kinda dropped it, along with a lot of other stuff, during the end of my relationship with T, and a lot of stuff from before it. Just didn't have the mental strength to go about it. But recently, I decided to do it anyways, and it's actually been really good for me. I've hashed out like seven pages in the past two days, and it's been a huge boost to my energy and mental health.

Writing this, I feel like jumping up and down, yelling and singing and blabbering. Just, full of energy??

Feels good. Feels really, really good.