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2023-04-11 10:25:35 (UTC)

sleep deprivation sucks

in my last entry i was talking about how tired i was because i hadnt been sleeping. that sleep deprivation led to me having an absolutely horrendous sinus infection that guess what? deprived me of even more sleep. when i was at my sickest, i slept maybe an hour or 90 minutes a night in like 30 minute blocks waking up feeling really bad each time. dry tongue and mouth and into throat feeling like cardboard with a throat that wont swallow because bits that are supposed to slide past each other stick together with thick mucus thats almost impossible to move. lots of coughing with a really rough productive cough and constantly blowing my nose. it took like 9 or 10 days to work out of my system. i'm finally feeling better. catching up on a lot of lost sleep. but still dragging my feet on the things i need to do. like some arduous cleaning tasks and the food handler safety course. i need to get a job but i dont want to work.

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