Gone mental

Notes from my Black
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2023-04-07 12:16:31 (UTC)

Tap the stream

Put it down. Open your thoughts. Shut down planned topics. What word or phrase appears. Tap it.

Keep you mind off and let the river flow. I will find the topic because my unconscious already knows. Predictive tech is useless in this regard. “They” don’t know me like they think they do.

I’ll just say this. Tennessee just added one more reason why to hate Tennessee. Kicking two members of state congress out while keeping the theirs in just because that their dude is white? They have shown how incredibly racist they are and they did it in a very black and white elected way. Even bringing up the vote just because they believe there needs to be background checks for gun purchases and they attended a legal gathering to protest this belief. Tennessee is about as un-American as it gets. Just sayin. If the roles were reversed and three republican members attended a protest about abortion, no one would say anything. I realize my example isn’t oranges to oranges as abortion isn’t a constitutional amendment… but I think the point is made.