Amber's ramblings
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2023-04-06 20:58:32 (UTC)


I can't do anything right. We were supposed to go to Wales tomorrow to see my niece Laura. She flipped out at me. Saying she can't cope with me and my friend and her daughter. I feel like shit. I wanted to spend time with her but it's a long drive and I don't want to do it on my own. The idea was for my friend and her daughter to go out for the day as it's Easter and we didn't want to stay home. So it's been arranged for a while and now she suddenly has issues with it. I told her we don't have to go we can go somewhere else. I feel like hiding myself away and just ignoring everyone for a few days. Just locking the door and hiding from everyone. I really feel like shit.

I had a good day today. Went shopping with mum and got a nice leather jacket in the sale. It was a good day. And when I went to collect my medication we had a laugh again. But now I'm so low again. I don't want to do anything now. Why do people have to be like that. Making me feel this bad.

I try to make people happy and when I can't it affects me. I get so down about it. All I want to do is spend the day with them and now it feels like I can't. It was supposed to be a fun day out and now it's ruined. I give up.