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2023-04-04 05:34:47 (UTC)

Clarity on Auto Troubles

Personal entry follows.

Well well well... Guess who mistakenly added diesel to his car's gas tank? This frickin' guy. I suppose it will be an expensive mistake, and I'll find out just how expensive when I hear from the auto mechanics later this morning.

So it looks as though I am two days behind in my travel plans. One of the hotels I had originally booked has not refunded my reservation, so that's a wash. And I've been in this downtown hotel in a city with a population around 120K for the past couple days. Seems pretty quiet, and the hotel stay has been tranquil. Eating pizza for dinner and the following breakfast for three days in a row now.

I've revised my travel plans and route in an effort to cover more ground, though it hasn't quite eaten up much of my delay. I intend to be at my final destination on Sunday. As a trade-off, I'll be seeing a few different places in the states I'm passing through. The stay at my Aunt's place is a single day, unfortunately. I'll try to make the return trip a two-day stay, if possible.

Meanwhile, staying connected to the interns via Zoom seems to have been smooth going yesterday. Hopefully it will still be smooth while I'm on the road. I think a phone call in the second half of the day is the way to go about it, since I won't be near free wi-fi or whatever. We'll see how that goes. Even if I'm on the road, my alarm can let me know it's time to pull over and carry out the call. I suppose I could have thought that out beforehand, eh?

Driving through fly-over country has its quirks and perks, it seems.


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