F*cked Up Thoughts
2001-10-11 03:04:17 (UTC)

whoa, i actually got a

hey, its me, boring me. look at me dance, look,
look............... oooookay, i think i offically lost it.
oh well. so anyways, im chillin here, listening to Kittie.
yea u heard me, Kittie. i never used to like, them, i
thought the whole idea of an all chick band was fuckin
lame. but i realized they're ok. yea, here i
today was absolutely lame.....lame is such a cool
word........l-A-mmmmm. lol. oh fuck. lol. anyways,
yea....LLLL-AAA-mmmmmmmm. i actually made it to drawing
class this morning, hurrah!!! fuck i hate that class. and i
hate those noisy ppl who talk so loud about their personal
life. i don't want to know whats growing on ur back and how
long it took to pop it....jesus christ....damn u!!!! but at
least i have the day off tomorrow thanks to parent-teacher
day. its a good thing that my parents dont go to that shit.
or else they'd be hearing a lot of shit about me being so
fuckin' fucked up in the head. i should start getting more
fucked up in the head,t hat i start talking about dead
bodies and blood and shit. oh, that'd be sweet........ uh-
oh im getting ideas now.
oh well, we'll just have to see what happens when
those thoughts are processed through physical
actions.........anyways........... well i said that i was
going to reminisce on and on about my wonderful time
working at the fuckin fair this summer, but i have no time,
since im being messaged a lot on msn.