Jello's Heart
2023-04-02 20:23:01 (UTC)

Walk In Newness of Life

So like I said, I'm a Christian. Been saved since 2009, and been putting off the rest of that process, being baptism. It's meant to be a public decoration of that faith, and I am an introvert by nature... well, maybe an ambivert at this point. So I put it off, scared of going up before people, burying it under lies that eventually became truths. Stuff like "I don't owe people anything", "I know I'm saved"

Three weeks ago, I decided to throw it all aside, and go through with it regardless. And today was that day.

"Given to the lord, to walk in newness of life."

It's what my pastor said before he put me under. And it has me thinking. Kinda adding onto the pile of "I've changed"

If you'd told me even two months ago I'd lose T, forgo my stance against Baptism, be working on driving, and own a trailer-- I'd probably call you crazy. But here I stand, walking in newness of life in so many ways. And you know what? It feels really, really good.