Up All Night
2023-04-02 00:43:01 (UTC)

Guy Exposes Himself

I was standing out in the stairway to my front door smoking and this guy on a bike rides up and asks if he can have a cigarette, so I give him a cigarette. We talk a little, then he asks to use my bathroom ... I think about for a minute then say yes. The door was open, he goes into the bathroom. By the time he was done I was sitting at the kitchen table. It's dark out now. He comes out of the bathroom and we are standing in the kitchen. He closes the front door and asks me if he can show me something. I thought he was going to pull a knife or a gun. He pulled out his dick, which was a boner. I just told him to get out of the apartment. I opened the front door and said, "Just go!

So that was my Saturday night. And I'm not supposed to be smoking. I'll have second thoughts about going out at night anymore. It could've been a knife or a gun instead of his dick.

I never claimed to be a genius.