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2023-04-01 13:55:48 (UTC)

Woman President

That kid stayed at our house most of yesterday. One surprising thing he said was that he didn’t think women should ever be President! Wtf???

He also said he thought all Ukrainians were racist! Also wtf???

We both started teaching him and giving our own experiences. I learned a bit about what She thinks of me too. She never lets on what high regard she holds me, but yesterday she used me as an example several times to show how men should be. She also pointed out that I came from a patriarchal family and didn’t follow that or teach that to our kids. We both taught him how you need to be your own person.

We made him think a lot. She gave him a book by Justin Baldon, “Boys will be men”. I had planned to read it, but it looks like I’ll need to repurchase it.

My son was very tired of him being here. The yard does look better though. Now he has a pair of shoes to work in and one to play basketball in. He wanted a pair of Air Force ones, but the shoe store guy told him they were really just for show and shouldn’t be played in.