Amber's ramblings
2023-03-31 19:22:40 (UTC)


The parents are back. I've missed them so much. So glad they're home. I went to see them tonight they had a good time away. I'm glad they did.

I don't know what to do about my bestie. It's been weeks since I messaged her and she ignored me. Did I do something wrong? Why isn't she talking to me. What did I do?

Getting the car washed tomorrow. Been waiting for the firefighters to do their charity car wash so I can get mine done. I've had it since September and it's never been washed lol. Ok so yeah I like to let the firefighters do it. Gives me something to look at and it's for charity so win win.

I wish I could sleep properly. I'm not falling asleep until around 4 and then I'm awake again around 6.30 most days. What am I supposed to do? With being refused help I've got nowhere to turn to.