Life of secrets
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2023-03-31 06:38:59 (UTC)


My husband has been offered a job that he’s starting on Monday. Although the pay isn’t great and he’s not happy about it, he’s doing it. Right in time for us to submit the mortgage application with the new bank next week. Yesterday and today he was asked to cover someone for just those two days. This morning he pretty much skipped down the stairs to leave for work. I can see a difference in him when he’s working. When I married him, he had no real interest in working. We lived in a room with no real responsibilities and he had no desire to leave there. Things have changed now.

Everything seems to be happening next week. We’ve got the broker submitting the application for mortgage. My husband has 2 interviews, and starting a new job. He’s got an appointment to go for blood tests which are long overdue and in all honestly, I’d be interested to see what they show. And we have the memorial of Jesus death, followed by a meal where I have to see everyone again - just like the funeral I attended this week.

I’ve eaten way too much. I’m on my period. Yesterday I felt pretty crap. I had the realisation that trying for a baby for over 2 years with no results isn’t the norm and it hit me how terrible this actually might be.