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2023-03-29 19:30:13 (UTC)

right now issue

This kid is in my house. He claims his mom is a flight attendant and was in a plane crash... he gave details and an approximate date, and that she is in a coma and has been for 3 months. This kid (16) did some work for me last year... I don't really know him. He says he's hanging around kids who are doing drugs and he wants out. He says he's alone and obviously his mom can't help. He wants our help...

He seems like a good kid, but he's lying to us. I can find no NTSB record, and there would be, of a plane crash 3 months ago in Maine.

There is more, but I have to be super sneaky about posting anything. I don't really trust the story. I trust that he needs help... but why the elaborate story. He may have been high... can't really tell. His eyes are practically black as night.