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2023-03-28 03:54:17 (UTC)

Race and the friend

My friend T is what I’d call a clean friend. We are not close, but we like each other and feel (at least I do) like there is no judgement and there is no restrictions on what we can or would talk about.

He posted this link to a Morgan Freeman interview about how he doesn’t think there should be a black history month. It’s a short snippet of a longer interview and worth hearing. Now he didn’t comment, just posted, and since we had never had a conversation about race, I didn’t really know his position. His father was after an and his mom, Puerto Rican. His skin color is kinda delicious… not gonna lie.

I commented on his post about how very few countries actually ask race or quantify race. I posted a link to a pbs article about how race was invented by slave owners and the sole purpose was to restrict rights. They had tried with Irish immigrants, but then couldn’t guarantee the offspring would also have no rights. That’s why they went to Africa. Then they instilled purported “facts” about them being uncultured, uncivilized and savage so as to lessen their intellect in the minds of those in power.

I don’t know why I’m writing this… it’s on my mind though. My friend T didn’t respond (and it’s been days) but did put a wow face on the comment. I hope he’s good with the comment. He’s a good egg and I want to be good friends with him for a long time.