Dream Scribe

2023-03-28 00:19:00 (UTC)

A Piece Of Art.

In The Hands Of The Broken.

(a poem of means by no means)

In the hands of the broken
the truth is both
cradled and strangled
Bite marks appear in
small, threadbare lies
a generous cover
for the real
and the ugly

In the Hands of The Broken
a Candle's Flame bends softly
in the face of angry
The Candle hurts not
The Broken
and The Broken hurt not
The Candle.

In the Hearts of The Broken
the means to dream
flies in the Face of Pain
success is a Foreign Country
pure love,?
an untouchable Stranger

like the mist descends
upon The Rock Bottom
of Broken.
Death doesn't come
by chance
to survive means change

To The Broken~hearted
His Hands were made
to Heal you and I.

I dreamt of brighter~than~red skies
in the morning,
though sunrise chooses
her Own Glory.

Consuègo ãmigo.


Love, light, joy, blessed peace be unto you reader.πŸ’‹