Life of secrets
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2023-03-27 05:27:43 (UTC)


6.27am Monday morning.

I got woken up by his night terrors and figured I may as well get up.

At 3.30am this morning, I woke for a pee and then checked the hamster cam (yes I have one - Frank’s nocturnal! I miss most of his life without the cam) and it was offline. My immediate thought was he’d managed to get hold of the wire and chewed through. Is he dead!? So I checked on him and the wire was fine. He was in his burrow and wouldn’t move, after some strong shuffling around. Until eventually he stuck his little nose out. He’s a good boy. Doesn’t bite. He’s only ever bit me a couple times when he thought my fingertips were food. And another time when I startled him out of his sleep. But he hadnt smelt that it was me yet.

But anyway, he was fine. The wifi had stopped worked which in turn affected the night cam. And I was awake.

Eventually fell asleep and as mentioned, was soon woken up again.

Here I am. With my coffee on the sofa. I’ve opened the curtains and put the lamp on. It’s dark outside. I’m not allowed to do this when he’s awake because did you know, the whole neighbourhood stand outside watching us, noting down the items in my living room that they will soon break in to steal? 🙄

A psychic told me we won’t buy the house we are tying to buy. Well actually she’s a pendulum reader from Etsy. Could be anyone. Could be Barbara from across the road. She keeps saying we won’t buy this house so I asked if we will get a mortgage and she said yes (or pendulum said yes…) and so I asked, will we not buy this house because we see another one we like better and she said yes.

I mean… I don’t know…

Would we spend another 3k on solicitor fees and do this whole process again, partway through a purchase ? I can’t see it. I highly doubt my husband would want to do it either. It would have to be a spectacular house!