Jello's Heart
2023-03-25 21:09:43 (UTC)

Perhaps a Knight?

I've noticed a lot of characters I really bond to are those of a somewhat vague idea, standing up for what they hold dear, be it people, ideals, or whatever. Gonna just, dump a few.

Darkwing Duck, whose struggle is against his own ego to do what's right, motivated by his adopted daughter's safety more than anything else.
Keiwa Sakura, AKA Kamen Rider Tycoon, a weak-willed 'hero' who mans up to protect his sister and other people, even when nobody else will.
Shotaro Hidari, AKA Kamen Rider Joker, a big softie of a detective who continues to be the hero despite the loss of his partner, guided by his instinct to protect.

Just, a lot of protectors?
It's giving me weird urges and dreams, I guess.
I like the idea of knights, of honorable guardians who protect all that is dear to them. Probably more fiction than fact, but idk.

I think it's the kind of person I want to be. And that's something I've yet to really ever have before.