Jello's Heart
2023-03-24 20:07:00 (UTC)

This Fire In My Chest

I fall
Or maybe I was pushed
Maybe I jumped
Backwards, into the sea
My wings wrap around me as the icy fangs chomp into my flesh, swallowing me whole.
The soft fur, now-soaked fluff, every part of me meant for them, melts away in the liquid surrounding me.
Once again, I am nothing. No recognizable marks, a faceless, shapeless entity, falling deeper into the water as all light vanishes from my view.
My heart, hidden behind strings of flesh, is the only flicker of light or hope here in the void of the sea.

But, I will not die here.
With a yell, one that causes my mouth to fill with the bitter water that holds me, my heart re-ignites.
I have seen who I could be, and I refuse to be them.
Golden light floods my chest, bursting outwards and spiraling every which way. Strings of flesh give way to the golden fire burning forth, somehow charring the water around me.
I feel my body split in half, the light from my chest now coming from sources on both halves.
One side, blue slime, two ridiculously large eyes. I feel the eyes open, glancing over to the other half.
Dark blue, warm black, thorns and spikes, floating there. I feel his eyes open, and witness two pools of purple sea, shattered by yellow eyes that nearly glow.
I am looking at myself-- two of them.
Gone is the foolish, winged knight, the careless, wounded moth, and I have returned to the forms I am meant for.

This was a rambling little story kinda thing from earlier this morning. It's dumb, but it means something to me.
I represent myself with two little characters, one being Gela, and one being Jello

This entry is probably more dramatic than it needs to be. But I'm also not ashamed of it?
I dunno

Jello is the artsy, kiddy side of me. He's a slimey wolf goofball who just wants to draw and hang with his friends. Gela is more behind, being a thorny, alien kinda being, and primarily carrying the fire I view myself as. It's called the Heartflame, and it's meant to be a piece of heaven merged with a campfire, into a golden fire that Gela guards, and Jello uses.
xD it was so awkward trying to explain all this symbolism

Moth and knight mentioned were two personas I gave up with the loss of my friend.