Slowly descending into madness
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2023-03-25 00:17:26 (UTC)

Little death and little love

I love this
Creased sheets, leave my right hand free, it's hard to be alone
Deep heat, turn the lights off in my home
When I'm alone, it's automatic, oh
I dig for life in the isle of my thighs
I can't believe, petite mort
I'm a slave at your door
And I feel to be free of the irony

Petite mort means a little death in french. Which also means orgasm. And I personally think female orgasms are freaking heavenly. Which weirded me out is when girls around me told me that they don't do the rubby rub rub. Like why the fuck are you depriving yourself of the best thing your body can do? I don’t understand.

I had the most powerful orgasm I could have in 2 years a few days ago. It lasted for 10 mins and I think I actually died on the floor. I had a little assistance yes but this was mostly me figuring my body out. That kept me happy for straight 2 days. Orgasm serotonin is the real shit haha.

Nasty aside, I'm falling for him deeper. I told him I don’t want to contact with him anymore I want to keep everything casual. I don't want anything romantic ever again. Penguin ruined everything that can be remotely romantic for me. Thank God he wasn’t sexually that active with me, otherwise I'd stop enjoying it too.

Edit: I smoked a cigarette at office 2 days ago. I'm paying the price now. Been coughing for 2 days. I will not smoke ciggie again.