Gone mental

Notes from my Black
2023-03-24 04:39:59 (UTC)

Random ups and downs

Saw a movie I’m enamored with. Marcel the Shell with shoes on. Come on… this movie is adorable.

I started messaging Her via an app. The app asks questions, we answer them. For almost a week I was the only one doing it. I looked at the long list of things I’d answered and she had not and assumed she was just not going to. I was wrong. She plowed through the questions… her answers were kinda short but she did do it. I’m kinda ambivalent about it. She asked if I felt more comfortable communicating via writing and I almost blurted out I’ve been core bloodletting myself digitally for almost 20 years… then I just shut up and said yes. She assumes I always have small answers… sometimes I do.

I’m watching a new show. The recruit. I’m in the first season. It’s a different take on a lawyer show. I don’t hate it. At least it doesn’t have a lot of lingo I feel like I should google… oh wait… yeah it does. Sucks too. But I don’t care enough to research while I’m listening.

Headed back to Kansas tomorrow. Man I feel like I’m going there every third day. On the bright side, I stopped making that wrong turn leaving… I know which way to go and Waze doesn’t seem to understand directions in all places. I started getting pissy when I had to drive an extra 30 minutes it would have been an extra 90 if I hadn’t turned around. I’m still a map guy. I’d rather look at a whole map and get a feel for where I’m going. Listening to a computer tell me directions isn’t my thing… but I do it, like everyone else.

I think we’re in our 7th month without… maybe 8th. It’s a dry ass desert.

I solved Wordle in 6… wtf was that word anyway? I’m pretty sure they made that garbage up. Never heard of it. Staid? Whatever.

Got anything to share? I’m open for business.

I had a conversation with myself about this place. I’ve been here a long time. It’s amazing how the same it is after all these years. I feel like being quippy, but I’m done for the night.

Be well!
Take your vitamin C. That’s grandma talkin…