Slowly descending into madness
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2023-03-23 20:35:52 (UTC)

FwB turning into more than FwB

Here's an interesting fact about demisexuals, we cannot keep love life and sex life apart. We always gotta mix up these two.

There's this guy I did sth with.......i aint saying what I did. So I told him clearly I don’t want anything like relationship or sth. He said okay.

I had a dream about him yesterday, I was having sex with him frequently. And I fell for him, pretty hard. But when I told him, he said okay we can date. We started dating and it was pretty romantic. I saw a scene, where he was sitting down, waiting for me and I went to him and hugged him and he literally hugged me back so tightly. This was so sweet.

I woke up and I realised I fucked up so hard. I'm growing feelings for this man. Even last week, we met each other and we talked... I didn’t feel anything then. Now all I can think about is this dream.

Why does my subconscious mind do this? Always. All the time. Why? Like I don’t even recognise these feelings and boom! A romantic dream. Why!?!?!?