The lonely codependent

Addicted to you no more
2023-03-23 13:09:47 (UTC)

Bad compatibility?

I'm still alive and fine. Anxiety is scary only as long as you don't know what's coming. When the situation is happening, it's not scary anymore, just uncomfortable in the worst case.

The guy was nice at first, he even brought me flowers. But then there was quite a lot of silence and I know how to ask questions in this case but if the other person is not doing the same so actively you can already draw some consequences.

So yes, Tinder is still not my friend. But I'm happy as I've learned a lot from this situation too and this experience will be very useful tomorrow.

At some point this shy guy also suggested that maybe we should go to his house and get drunk. Attention, very rare moment in history - I didn't say yes. In another situation maybe I would have but this time I was feeling too uncomfortable because of my anxiety before and because my time was being wasted again based on what my real expectations had been. I also had a lot of moral questions on my mind. How would I be seen as a woman of I do this, etc. When it comes to people who come and go that doesn't really happen to me but with someone with whom I thought (till now) we had so much in common it's different.

But it wasn't a bad day after all, I just still need a soulmate. Or if things go slowly, that's fine by me too, I'm usually not the one that cuts the other person totally out of her life.