The lonely codependent

Addicted to you no more
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2023-03-23 08:51:02 (UTC)

Oh no!

I'm over a fashion disaster - now I'm wearing a new skirt in which I can hardly breathe but I never expected the whole situation to be comfortable anyway.

Then my mom f*cked up her work and started arguing with you me (she doesn't know where I'm going because I'm fed up with making people expect things to happen to me that never will in the end). At least I managed to leave the house just on time thanks to this event and I've still managed to avoid an emotional breakdown even though I can say things were definitely not perfect this morning either, I still need to wait for the perfect date day.

If I survive this one... Because I already feel very stressed, almost as if my life were in danger when it's obviously not, some previous meetings with guys were way more dangerous than this. I can't drink any more, so dear anxiety, thank you for destroying me and my health in the long term.

Damn, I wish it were tomorrow already!