Jello's Heart
2023-03-22 21:26:20 (UTC)


Actually went and saw my counselor today, per the two week deal I have. Last time we spoke, there was discussion of making a list of just, negatives. A list of rocks akin to what I was talking about last entry, things like the friend I lost, some parental abuse growing up, and other things.Then taking that list, gathering rocks, and writing those things on the rocks. Ponder what rocks to keep, and which ones to get rid of. Go find a lake, a stream or a pond.

Grasp the rock firmly. Hold it so tightly it almost hurts. Talk to it, then let go, and throw it into a lake.

Let it go.

So I did this. A special one for the friend I lost, with his name on it, a broken heart, and the words on the back "Because of you, I will change."

So talking with my counselor today, the topic of symbolism came up, and I might have a strong direction to go with some stuff. I have this alien boy I represent myself with, and counselor gave me the go ahead to get more symbolic with him. Might ramble about him tomorrow.