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2023-03-22 19:20:36 (UTC)

Culture shock

I mentioned seeing that restaurant on my way where I'd already been. That's part of the reason why I chose to attend a lecture about a foreign country instead of the meetup I was heading for. I think by now it's too late for me to join that group and I have to go home to choose what to wear but maybe next time.

As for the lecture, I'm totally amazed! I'd already heard a few things about that country and that it has problems too, but I think I'm in love. Its culture is so different from mine and this culture shock seems to satisfy me more than any kind of love bombing. Maybe all I need is travel after all. Or at least to learn new things that are not related to dating. Well, is that really true in my case with this back story of how I ended up at the lecture? That's a good question...

I'm thinking about texting the guy who is from there but I think it's better to wait and see what happens tomorrow because I might not need him anymore. Why worry about dating problems anyway if I can see that other things can make me happy too?

So, let's not worry but be happy.

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