Never Broken
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2023-03-22 14:35:08 (UTC)

You ask for help and then…

When training dogs and their owners, if a client is continuously resistant to what I am telling them to do, I will eventually refuse to work with a client. There can be lots of reasons for noncompliance, the client is uncomfortable with the method, the client is afraid, the client doesn’t clearly understand. It is important, before dismissing the client, to get to the bottom of the noncompliance and attempt to address the issue and resume compliance. Only when the issue cannot be addressed, or the client refuses to stop living in denial, will I dismiss a client.

When it’s a family member, dismissing them can be awkward and difficult. When it’s a family member you live with, dismissing them can make life very unpleasant. Just Monday, my mother said I could help her find homes for two of the animals. Now, less than 48 hours later, she wants to put down her cats because she thinks, eroneously so, that doing this will calm the dogs down. No, it will not. The dogs live in kennels 24/7 unless they are toileting. And I don’t mean large kennel runs with dog houses. I mean inside dog crates.

The dogs need enrichment, training, to be shown who the pack leader is, and someone who will clearly enforce the rules. They have none of these. I am so heartbroken and frustrated. I don’t think my mother is cruel. I think she is in over her head and in denial about the way things are. Either that, or she is seriously mentally ill and doesn’t see anything wrong with what she is doing. I don’t know. I’m tired of trying…. I’m. So. Tired.