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Notes from my Black
2023-03-22 12:52:55 (UTC)

The inequality of another dream

A long long time ago and maybe in a separate journal here (I’ve had a few) I detailed a dream She had. In her dream there were these curtain nymphs and I was all too happy to be seduced by them. Ok, the dream seems kinda erotic and enticing… and I couldn’t guarantee my non-participation 😉 but it’s a dream and in reality, I’m not a cheater. I may get turned on by someone, but I don’t actually stray.

Fast forward to yesterday. I’m told if another dream where I met some guys and we became friends. We were offered to go on an RV trip and I accepted and put down a sizable deposit. The day before we were to leave we all got together to finalize plans and celebrate the departure. One of the guys cornered Her and was inappropriate. When she called him out he didn’t back down. So she didn’t want to go and told me. In her dream I complained about the deposit and that we had to go with them because they knew all the places we were going… she didn’t want to go and told me if I was going to be that way, I should just go, but she may not be here when I got back. That’s all I know…

So how do you combat a dream? How do you defend yourself when it’s obviously not real? Yeah her mind is working through something, but it has created a place and situation that is completely bs. Obviously she knows this but kept her distance from me like I’d done something wrong again.

I don’t understand why someone who thinks so logically would lose all sense of logic in this situation.