The lonely codependent

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2023-03-22 03:46:00 (UTC)

My last day of being single?

Ok this is funny but today might be my last day of being single. I never count my chickens before they are hatched when it comes to dating though because a million things can go wrong and in my case always a million plus one so I'm already thinking how I'll cope with the anxiety of going on another official date.

Maybe a hookup today will help with a guy who speaks my ex's language. Tinder always wants to make my life crazy and I can't resist as I'm weak. 'My last day of being single' is a title that no day can earn in advance because I won't believe it is happening until it really is - well, this might change one day because my intuition tends to be quite strong in crucial situations, so I'm not motivated enough yet at the moment to give up my old behavior.

Anyway the guy I'm going out with seems nice. I won't be bored in the next few days, maybe at the weekend yes, but I won't spend a lot of time at home despite the fact that I can't spend a lot of money either. So let fun begin! Hookup, date, therapy, and the week will already be over.