■ Captain's Log ■
2023-03-22 10:01:20 (UTC)

God recreates.

Psalm: 139-23: Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: by David.
We need to be holy as the reason high, for to be favorable by God, to against our enemies. We often let God judges our heart and thoughts, to get out of evil deeds and repent in time knowing the sin. That God recreates every day of our life. Blessings of His words, we must praise the Lord and the Christ is the truth we in control our tongue. Thanks for everyday to praise every presents.
We live by the judgement of our Father, and the mercy of the Lord Jesus. Thanks the King David for to know God's judgement. And the cross is for us to forgive and be like Christ, we kneel in time.