Jello's Heart
2023-03-21 20:50:04 (UTC)

Shaken Wings

Song's been stuck in my head lately, a Digimon opening of all things, called Butter-Fly (with a cover by We.B.) Popped up in my Youtube recommended, and it's been played like five times a day since
Has this one lyric that I've been really feeling?

"These shaken wings, to fluttering free
Showing us futures that we've yet to see"

It's dumb, and corny, and whatever, but the idea of wings is quite appealing-- moreso in a metaphorical than literal sense, I wouldn't really want to actually have wings-- I think.
Therapist, counselor, whatever the right term is, had talked to me about rocks. Big, heavy things, that drag you down, keeping you trapped. But also things that you're-- more often than not-- holding onto by your own will. They're something that in the end, you have to release. A direct comparison to dropping things, people, guilts, etc.
He talked to me about it in the context of dropping rocks, so that you don't drown. But I think it's just as valid to think of them as things keeping you from spreading your wings and soaring. And I've dropped rocks lately.

I suppose all this is to say that my wings are shaken, but they are fluttering free. And that's a very comforting thought.