Never Broken
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2023-03-21 23:42:25 (UTC)

Getting Annoyed!

I have the money for the down payment on the service dog, but I told the lady who runs the program and is a friend of mine, that I wanted picture and/or video before I sent any money. We had this conversation on Friday. She said she would notify the puppy raiser, which I suppose she did. For some reason, the puppy raiser, who has a mind of his own, did not promptly follow through with the pictures.

On Sunday, the lady was supposed to go over there and send them, but something came up. This was verified by my other friend who is getting a dog from the same program. The something that came up partially involved her.

Monday, I was told that the raiser was coming over Tuesday and would bring his phone which had the pictures on it, but apparently, he didn’t know how to send them. Today, he duely arrived. However, one of the brood bitches was in labour at the time. The program director called me during the whelping and said that she had an older picture of Raven she could send until the raiser arrived. I thought since the raiser was there, I would have received the pictures.

Nothing yet. I’m trying to be patient, but I also feel like she could have made somewhat of an effort between puppies. She sent me a picture of the puppies that were born. I am not willing to pay any money until I know this dog really exists. Yes, the program director is a friend of mine, but we have only been online friends and spoken on the phone. We have never met. I am planning to wait another day, and if I have nothing by the end of tomorrow, I will be sending another text message politely asking. If I don’t have anything by Friday, it will have been one week and I will be a bit annoyed. When I train dogs, and a client asks me for pictures or videos, I send them promptly, within 24 hours, unless I have to get someone to take them for me, in which case, I explain this to the client and let them know when someone will be along who can do that.

Impatiently waiting,