Primal Secrets
2023-03-21 01:42:29 (UTC)

The Crush On Her

Dear Reader,

I could fall in love with her.

I work with her everyday. She makes me laugh, and I try my best to make her laugh too. She’s beautiful, she’s kind, she’s quirky, and she’s hilarious.

I remember going into the room everyday, and seeing her there when I first started seeing her, and I thought to myself how hot she is.

And now she’s my favorite person to work with. I get excited to see her, she comes in later than me and I watch the clock for when the time comes. I hate it when she isn’t there. My days off are Thursday and Friday, and hers are Friday and Saturdays. She asked my other coworker on Thursday in a sad way “SHE’S NOT HERE TODAY? NOOOO”

I helped bandage a wound for her the other day, and it was, intimate? I don’t know how else to describe it. I like getting to touch her.. it’s not sexual, it’s just intimate. She thanked me again for it hours later, so I wonder..

I wonder if she’s feeling anything similarly to me too? I don’t know if I’m reading any of this right..

We’ve “flirted” a little but she’s joking, but there’s been a few times where it seemed real, but she was covering it with the joking tone, and then she’ll drop the tone sometimes.

Today she told me about her self image issues, and I tried to comfort her and told her that I thought she was beautiful. She said she thought I was beautiful too.. and then she said “jokingly” “are we hitting on each other right now?” And I laughed, but I never said no.

And then she trailed off quietly, “I mean I am..” and I really couldn’t tell if she was “joking” still.

She’s so cute. I want to get closer to her, but idk.. we snap sometimes but I don’t ever know if I’m bothering someone especially if they open snaps and don't reply back.. maybe that’ll change as things go on.

She’s offered to cook for me for lunch tomorrow.

I guess I’ll leave it here for now. I’ll update if anything else happens.