The lonely codependent

Addicted to you no more
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2023-03-21 01:01:22 (UTC)

Tired of moving on

Having to move on all the time is a waste of time. I've already learned from all of my past failures. I already don't have any more time to waste as I should already be married or at least in a working relationship by now. There cannot be any more delay. So what's the point in wasting even more time?

I took a sleeping pill and I'm very angry with myself. I absolutely shouldn't bee feeling this way and losing sleep. I know how to let go, so can we just do it and look forward to the future where I might be able to get this thing right finally after a million failed attempts?

Please... Let me get this relationship thing right next time, I've already been waiting too long for that! I can't afford any more failed attempts because time is money!