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2023-03-20 20:54:02 (UTC)

Praying to St. Rita

My Tinder experience today was a disappointment, especially after a guy seemed normal at first but then started talking about sex. I can't promise I'll stay a virgin from now on but I definitely want to end up in fewer stupid situations and with fewer jerks than before. That's my resolution. Thank God I didn't have high expectations so I was able to easily walk away from this one.

Who is St. Rita and why did I choose her? She's the patron saint of hopeless cases and my project to find a husband definitely seems hopeless at the moment. So as long as the situation is like this I'm gonna keep praying to her... While practicing patience, I have been surprisingly good at that recently. And I guess that is making me feel better. Does anything else matter? Not really, I need to remain totally expectation-free.

In fact I think writing down my feelings was one of the best decisions I've ever made, that has helped me a lot to cope with hard ones.