The lonely codependent

Addicted to you no more
2023-03-20 07:40:13 (UTC)

The never ending vicious circles

Sometimes when I can't take loneliness anymore I turn to dating apps, but they seem to be a waste of time to be honest.

Life seems to want to keep me in the same vicious circles anyway. After very-first-guy turned up, now my-married-platonic-ex followed in his footsteps. Well, I'd been thinking about him because I recently met someone from his country (which is quite big so it is very unlikely that they know each other). So that was a huge mistake and now I have to try not to go crazy...or have a panic attack or emotional meltdown as these I've already had before thanks to this situation.

Current challenge: not to go crazy and not be a jerk to other people (such as my ex's wife) just because they've got what I haven't.