Frisk Dreemurr Uzumaki Dragneel

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2023-03-16 19:53:16 (UTC)


Heya, My Name is Frisk Dreemurr Uzumaki Dragneel, D.U.D for short for the last names but you can just call me Frisk. I don't know if this is gonna be public or not yet but I thought I may need this just in case. Anyway I am a 19 year old man, working on getting my GED cause I may or may not have dropped out of Middle school and educated myself, which worked for a while but now I'm trying to get into College so I can fix my life, as you may be able to tell by my name I am a huge Weeb and Gamer, and I have no clue what to say now to continue introducing myself.

However, I have more to say. I am not okay at this current moment in time. Maybe putting my thoughts into word form would help with that, maybe I'll meet someone special who helps me, who knows what will happen, but I have a message for everyone struggling right now including my future self. Whether you're struggling financially, having trouble getting over a break up, feeling alone, waiting to find your significant other or others, feel like you're way behind where you should be in life, or in the cross fire of the current insanely inhumane and Idiotic attacks against the LGBTQ community, Just know that its okay. You can do anything you set your mind to and break through any obstacle life gives you. The main Obstacle is yourself. If "can't" is in your Vocabulary then its the most true word in your life. There are endless skills to master, but they all require work to do so. You always have to fight for your future and it doesn't ever get easier. Conquering yourself is the biggest fight of them all. You may lose sometimes, but you never truly lose unless you give up. The moment you can tell your story without crying or feeling any negative emotion, then you've healed, and more than that, You've become succsessful, you've conquered yourself. It's okay to feel sad sometimes. Just know you have the potential to reach your greatness and overcome your weakness. With that, I think my first Entry on here is finished. I meant to finish this three days ago but I went to a friends house which improved my mental state a bit.

Stay Determined Y'all.