My short pointless life
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2023-03-19 18:11:32 (UTC)

the doomslayer

Last night been playing Doom 2016 and GTA 5 taking turns. I just got GTA 5. Doom i had played months back but then uninstalled it. I thought i had to do it all over but luckily the game files were somehow there and my 5 hours spent playing it wasnt wasted as i could just pick up where i had left off.

the atmosphere, the demoic screams and sounds all are what keeps me insanely calm. Like it takes care of my sadistic side. since killing humans scum is still not "okay" i will have to go to the video games to release the anger. you gotta release it. good for health. i know when my mental health is getting better when my kill them all mood comes into play. then i know im better.