just venting my depression and problems
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2023-03-19 12:22:47 (UTC)

Birthday Party

Yesterday, i went to a birthday party...
we will call the person celebrating being 15: Jay
I havent been to one in like, probably 2 or 3 years
We went lasershooting
was fun honestly
i was running around the whole time, so i bonked against walls a few times but im fine.
My elbows got kinda burnt cuz of the bonking. but it only hurts when touching it
Amelia was there, and Eve too, another girl that we will call Kelly was there too.
Kelly is an old ""friend"" of mine
You may wonder why the quotation marks, well, we arent really friends... we have this kind of love/hate relationship
but i cant start hating her and blocking her on everything, shes one of the few people that knows a lot about me.
I have no idea if she even cared to begin with.
I dont know why i told her, it couldve been anyone else, but i just told her
and the thing is, shes pretty nice i guess, even tho she isnt the smartest and could think more logically in some situations.
Im glad she hasnt told anyone about how i vented a lot to her, or i hope she hasnt told anyone.
I dont think so, cuz no one ever asked about it.
I think the only reason its her is cuz, i just needed to vent, i didnt really care who to, i just needed to
Now the problem is, she is really good friends with my ex-girlfriend and also with Amelia and Jay
The fact that she's friends with Jay and Amelia isnt really a problem but with my ex?
Eh not too great, but i trust Kelly, i dont think shes gonna go around telling a bunch of shit to my ex
back to the birthday party...
I really felt like i was kind of a last resort
Like, he planned on inviting other people but because they refused he invited me
Cuz he sent me a list, but when i heard them talking they said like a bunch of people couldnt come, including people that werent on the list.
So he either removed them and added me cuz they couldnt come, either wasnt planning on inviting them at all
anyhow ima go work for school now
Ill write another entry later today