2023-03-19 10:33:24 (UTC)

My Website

I have been building this website, it is mostly toy project but with the hope that maybe it can grow big some day.

Basically people can download free movies from this website like tom and jerry, ben10 and such, although most movies would be in hindi. It is also an attempt to centralize all the animation movies which are dubbed in hindi in one place.

Another reason to create this website was to improve my programming skills, learn more about seo process and also provide people to download movies easily with as much less ads as possible.

Right now everything feels quite challenging, I mean building website is one thing but promoting it and making it reach to people is completely different thing.

i am trying to make this website without spending any money for now, so i am facing quite limitations in terms of what can i do with free hosting, site domain, storage and such.

since free hosting quite restricts resources and functionality for free users. But sure with little bit of research and creativity you can bypass any restrictions whenever possible.