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Starting over
2023-03-19 04:10:21 (UTC)

Mike had to run back to the ..

Mike had to run back to the store to lock up and on the way back brought me Sonic for lunch, yum a banana dream shake. Then he went to take a nap, when he got up he ran to the store to get the dog food, I did run to the store yesterday and got everything but the dog food. On the way back he got us Culver's for dinner, after we ate and relaxed we had plans to meet back up in the bedroom, but before that happened, our dog got sick and shit on the floor, there was no way he would have made it outside, it was bad. No big deal right? just clean it up, so I started to but when I bent over the smell overcame me and caused me to start gagging, which caused me to start throwing up, which in turn caused me to piss my pants, it was horrible. After I got that mess all cleaned up and showered, I came back out and sat on the couch wore out, that was when Mike was like ta da!!! Here I am! I told him what had just happened and that my stomach was a little iffy so he was like well let's just cuddle and watch a movie then, we don't have to have sex (yeah right) but ok that sounds like a good plan. So we found something on the tv and I was spooning him with my leg thrown over him. He was rubbing my leg and ass, well let's just say the cuddling only lasted a few minutes before we couldn't stop ourselves.

When Mike touches me, like he was just touching my leg, it does something physically to me, it sends me 'vibes' 'energy' all good things, then when he is touching me, he will moan like he can't believe he is getting to touch me, I don't know but it is HOT HOT HOT. It doesn't matter where he touches me, it is still the same energy all the time.

After we were done, I warmed us up leftovers and we ate, then tried cuddling again, then made love again, then I fell asleep with the biggest smile on my face.

We were watching something on tv, but I couldn't tell you what. Just cuddling him is the best, I thought with me being the big spoon we could handle that, but obviously we can't control ourselves...and there is nothing wrong with that, just 2 married people madly in love with each other, enjoying each other's company, what more could you ask for?

I am not sure what we are doing today, this morning I am running to my parents then my daughter is begging me to come meet her new dog, ugh so I will pull up my big girl panties, he is just a tiny puppy, this is not the dog that killed your baby, you can do this....

I am sure there will be some loving sprinkled in throughout the day, I love my life

194 days norco free! HOLLA

I haven't even craved it, but then of course who needs drugs when you are getting sexy hot ass loving every single day of your life????

healthy choices people!