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Notes from my Black
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2023-03-19 04:57:45 (UTC)


R started this “tradition “ where we would wish each other a happy whatever holiday it was… then she would barely keep up her end of it. I found myself stuck in the position of always being the one to initiate the superficial conversation. There was never more than a quick note and never anything of importance or personal. So I don’t know if she celebrates St. Patrick’s day, but I’m not Irish … but I hail from Chicago originally, so the tradition is just part of my dna. My friends still post pics of the Chicago river being dyed green. Yeah, it’s a real thing. They do it every year. It’s kinda gross.

Anyway, I didn’t send her a note this holiday. I thought about it and even wrote one. It’s sitting in my drafts… but I’ll delete it maybe. She didn’t send me one, so I’m thinking this “tradition” was just another example of how my friends make me work 10x harder than they are willing to to be my friend. Most all of them are purged from my day to day.

Idk… I’m tired, I want to watch some tv and vegetate but I’m far too tired for that. Plus, now I have to get up early to cook stuff She chose to not cook because she was busy researching stuff instead so f doing what she knew she needed to do.

I guess I’m acting a bit bitter.