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2023-03-19 04:42:17 (UTC)

Grateful for the wrong thing

I have this discussion in my head where I am trying to be cognizant of good things and people. Even if they choose to be in the shadows or not really at all presently in my life… but that’s not really what this is about.

I will be driving again tomorrow to take my daughter back. Then I’ll be staying the night with her and driving back the next day. I should feel like I’m going to miss Her and my son… but I find myself grateful for the time away. I just wish it were for like a week, not a day.

It’s not like we’re not getting along. It’s not like we’re getting along well though. She has been complaining about nearly everything lately and I have chosen to shut up rather than start months long of conflict.

I got Wordle in 2 today. Like JR used to say (you don’t have to know who JR was in my life… very little impact) “Even a blind squirrel will find a nut on occasion.”