Never Broken
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2023-03-19 03:53:12 (UTC)

Mixed up day

I am still not totally feeling myself. I don’t know what’s wrong. My pain levels have been extremely high. I have had periods of nausea and shortness of breath. I have an appetite, but every time I eat, I get nauseated. I am dizzy. Sometimes, I feel grand and sometimes, I feel so bad I have to lie down.

I played music with the boys, watched some SVU, did some praying and slept. The only messed up thing that happened today is that my big girl would not come in and so my mother kicked her in the shoulder. I am not happy about this and I am reporting her to the local dog warden for the way she treats her animals and mine. No wonder the wee one growls at her and shows his teeth. He doesn’t like her. He has an overly developed sense of propriety. If he thinks you’re being improper, he’ll let you know. Lots of dogs do this, by the way.

I talked to the service dog lady, Joy, who is also a friend of mine, and my other friend Piper who is there helping her. They asked me if I wanted to start a dog training school to train service, police, guide, SAR, detection and military dogs. I am interested, but it would be a move to Arizona, and I don’t know about leaving my Irish home. We’ll see. Right now it’s just a dream, but…. Is God opening doors? Could be.